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Global | 26 Aug 2015

Founder Shubham Yadav
Stage Seed
Industry Food, Marketplaces, Retail


Spain | 22 Aug 2015

QUIQUILO is one of the largest and smartest e-commerce bu...

Founder Roberto Bernabeu Oliveira
Stage Expansion
Industry Internet, Marketplaces, Retail


Global | 19 Aug 2015

Founder Igor Gonebnyy
Stage Seed
Industry Education


Barcelona | 19 Aug 2015

cognitive production, augmented reality, arts

Founder Natalie McQuade
Stage Seed
Industry Augmented Reality, Education, Ga...

Shubham Yadav

CEO at FeedSpeed
Global | 26 Aug 2015

Industry Food, Marketplaces, Retail
Expertise Operations, Business Intelligence, St...

Roberto Bernabeu Oliveira

eCommerce Manager at QUIQUILO
Spain | 22 Aug 2015

Industry Consumer Goods & Services, Inter...
Expertise eCommerce Management & Cofounder Sal...

Pablo Arcent

Co-founder at tangiblemode
Barcelona | 21 Aug 2015

Industry Augmented Reality, Education, Ga...
Expertise 3D Sound, Virtual Acoustics, Hi-Res...

Igor Gonebnyy

CBDO at Coursmos
Global | 19 Aug 2015

Industry Education
Expertise Business Development


ENL Corporate Venture

The aim of ENL Corporate Ventures is to find and develop the next g...

Global | Joined 28 Aug 2015

Stage Focus Seed, Early, Expansion, Maturity
Investing 5.000 - 1.000.000 EUR

Steffen Eberle

Investor at AulaLivre
Global | 09 Aug 2015

Stage Focus Seed, Early

Digital Assets Deployment

Digital Assets Deployment is a business incubator of Internet and t...

Madrid | Joined 07 Jul 2015

Stage Focus Seed, Early
Investing 5.000 - 50.000 EUR

Horacio S. Cáceres

Global | 07 Jul 2015

Stage Focus Seed, Early

Inspiring top entrepreneurs in the Global ecosystem

Nikolas Deskovic
Industries: Education, Internet
Expertise: SCOUT24; AutoScout24, adriatic-home, gobandit
Michael Lützenkirchen
Managing Director at whatever mobile GmbH
Industries: Telecommunication
Expertise: Mobile Payments, SMS, Mobile Devices
Heiko Rauch
Co-Founder at
Industries: Internet
Expertise: Advertising, Private Equity, Investments, ...
Oliver Beste
Industries: Internet
Expertise: Start-ups, Venture Capital, Marketing, Ent...

Verne Harnish
Founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO); CEO at Gazelles; Author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits
"Entrepreneurs are the growth engines of the global economy; and no longer do they haven to shoulder this task alone. What the fastest growing companies of the 21st century realize is that whoever taps into the most brains wins and Foundum provides them a global resource for tapping into this collective intelligence"
Carlos Muñoz
Founder of Vueling Airlines
"Being an entrepreneur it is guaranteed to experience many ups and downs, a few thrills and tons of emotional intensity. As part of that, meeting other entrepreneurs is very energizing and inspiring, therefore the vision of Foundum of creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurs will be very useful!"
Xavi Beumala
Founder of Marfeel
"Being part of Foundum Unplugged was key to our success in meeting top International VC's in a familiar atmosphere. I met Jan and Tobias from BDmi which today are key investors at Marfeel."
Raul Cristian Aguirre
Founder & CEO of Tango 04
"Foundum Unplugged is an extraordinary event for entrepreneurs. It has given us the opportunity to contact with experts who advised us on how to access public funding under very advantageous conditions."

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