Community guidelines

General Members rules

  • All the data entered in your personal profile or service provider profile has to be real information.
  • All members should be treated with respect.
  • On Foundum, we enable our members to create a startup or service provider profile where they can present the main characteristics of their business. Such profile is the only place where your business services should be promoted, they should not be promoted in other sections of the platform.
  • The e-mailing system is a very useful tool if members use it carefully. Do not share publicly the content sent through private mailing. It is not permitted to send any harassing and disrespectful messages to the members.


  • Ambassadors have to follow the same respect basis like any other user in the community.
  • Ambassadors should make sure the participation’s activity is always constant. They should have an active role in the community, encouraging the members to participate.
  • Ambassadors' role and attitude should always be towards equilibrium, well functioning of the community and relationships with and between its members. Therefore, ambassadors should not favour any members on a personal or subjective basis.