What is Foundum?

Foundum for Entrepreneurs

Foundum is tailored to innovative high-growth entrepreneurs who have created their own startup.

Entrepreneurs are the engines that drive startup success, but they can’t do it alone. To turn a promising idea into a prominent business, entrepreneurs need to assemble a committed team of supporters who have the resources and expertise to help them grow.

Foundum helps entrepreneurs connect with investors, advisors and service providers who specialise in helping high growth potential startups turn innovative ideas into breakthrough businesses.

» What is an innovative high-growth entrepreneur?


This is our entrepreneur icon at Foundum.

The bulb symbolizes the abundance of innovative ideas that entrepreneurs bring to the world.

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What can Entrepreneurs do on Foundum?

  • Establish your presence in your ecosystem
  • Display your experience and promote your startup
  • Identify investors, advisors, service and funding providers who can help advance your business
  • Connect with like minded entrepreneurs
  • Meet members of the local startup community
  • Get answers to your questions and share your knowledge
  • Find out about important entrepreneurial events

The Entrepreneurs Profile


One of Foundum's core products is a unique personal profile which represents you within your own entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • Display your unique entrepreneurial activity and relationships.
  • Add your criteria or preferences to your profile as co-founder, advisor, private investor, mentor or speaker.
  • Post your needs & leads into the ecosystem. Foundum will match you with the right contacts and resources that will help addressing your need.

The Startup Profile


The startup profile allows you to present your company to prospective co-founders, collaborators, investors, advisors and clients.

You can show very specific company information regarding the entrepreneurial stage, the founders behind your startup, your private investors such as funding providers and many other details.


  • Display a compact executive summary of your startup to attract potential investors, co-founders, advisors, collaborators or clients.
  • Create a solid basis for your company through a structured guided format identifying potential gaps within your organisational set-up.
  • Promote your startup products or services to other entrepreneurs.

This is our startup icon at Foundum.
This rising arrow representing your emerging business.

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"Being an entrepreneur it is guaranteed to experience many ups and downs, a few thrills and tons of emotional intensity. As part of that, meeting other entrepreneurs is very energizing and inspiring, therefore the vision of Foundum of creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurs will be very useful."

-- Carlos Muñoz: Founder, Vueling Airlines