What is Foundum?

Foundum for Private Investors

Innovative high-growth entrepreneurs typically need funding in order to grow their startup. This can be provided by funding providers like venture capital firms, banks etc or by private investors such as business angels or venturepreneurs

Foundum helps private investors connect with entrepreneurs and startups whose ideas and businesses align with their knowledge and investment objectives, and where their expertise and capital have the potential to create the greatest amount of value.

» What is a private investor?


This is our private investor icon at Foundum.

Financial support and helping hands enable the growth of innovative startups.

If you are an institutional investor, please go to Foundum for service & funding providers.
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What can Private Investors do on Foundum?

Foundum helps private investors find and connect with talented entrepreneurs early. You can introduce your investment criteria to interested startups and identify beneficial relationships for your portfolio and support your local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Foundum acts both ways:
* help investors find the right projects to invest in
* help entrepreneurs find the right investors who can help bring their startup to the next level

More specifically, Foundum helps private investors to:

  • Identify promising entrepreneurs and opportunities early in the startup lifecycle
  • Increase the quantity and quality of deal flow with promising startups that meet your objectives
  • Find potential co-investors for your existing portfolio
  • Filter startups by stage, industry, location and other valuable criteria

The private investor profile


You can create your unique personal profile presenting your investor role within your own entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • Display your unique activity as a private investor.
  • Add your investment criteria and preferences to your profile and increase your dealflow with the most promising startups that meet your investment criteria
  • Post your needs & leads into the ecosystem. Foundum will match you with the right contacts and resources that will help addressing your need.
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