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General Information

We promote innovation and technological development of Spanish companies, through specific programs. Among them, INNVIERTE and NEOTEC VC programs, promote business innovation through support for investment in venture capital, in companies of technological or innovative base.

Provider type: Government Agency
Legal name: Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology
Revenues: 0 - 0 €
Equity Investments

Invests in Spanish companies led by highly committed entrepreneurs with the necessary technical and managerial skills. Generally invests in companies in the industrial technologies field, as well as in innovative production processes, with a value proposition that resolves a real market need.
Investment amount per startup: € 500.000 - € 2.500.000
Minimum annual startup revenue: -
Startup positive EBITDA: Not Mandatory
Investment types: Minority equity
Industry focus: All
Geographic focus: Spain
Stage focus: Seed, Early, Expansion

Principal: € 250.000 - € 25.000.000
Amortisation period: 10 years
Loan %: 0.70% - 0.70%
Loan types: Partially Reimbursable Aid
Industry focus: All
Geographic focus: Spain
Stage Focus: Seed, Early, Expansion, Maturity, Exit