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General Information

We set up Piton Capital having experienced first-hand the power of businesses based on network economics at Autotrader, Betfair and QXL Ricardo.
Fundamentally, such a company has a product or service that gets better the more people use it. The classic example is the telephone – not very useful for the first person owning it, but very powerful when everybody has one. The Internet has enabled a whole new range of sectors to organize around this principle. That is particularly true where large and fragmented user groups can now be connected.
This dynamic of a product or service getting better with more users leads to winner-takes-all markets, which sometimes plays out on a global level, like with Betfair or Skype, and sometimes locally, like with marketplaces where logistics, language, payment and trust play an important role.

Provider type: Venture Capital
Legal name: Piton Capital LLP
Founding year: 2010
Employees: 6-10
Languages: English, German
Equity Investments
Investment amount per startup: € 50.000 - € 2.500.000
Minimum annual startup revenue: -
Startup positive EBITDA: Not Mandatory
Investment types: Minority equity, Majority equity
Industry focus: Venture Capital, Consumer Goods & Services, Internet, Information Technology, Internet, Gaming, Mobile
Geographic focus: Europe
Stage focus: Seed, Early, Expansion