Our Values

The Foundum team has been working with high determination and dedication to turn our dream into reality.

We believe that in order to work together as a team and to be able to transmit our enthusiasm throughout the ecosystem and create a positive impact it`s vital to share the same values. The members of our team decided our 5 core values during the creation stages of our organisation.

Passion: We are a passionate group of people at Foundum. We are passionate about the organisational culture, its vision and mission but also in general towards our lives and entrepreneurship. Being passionate is essential for a startup to work hard and to bring the organisation to new levels.

Persistence: "I get knocked down, but I get up again" are the lyrics of a famous song. In a new startup uncertainty and ambiguity are always present. Ideas get created and destroyed, what we thought a few months ago might be a distant past in the business plan, yet we are persistent with our end goal no matter what it takes to accomplish it. Persistence is the column that gives a solid structure to a fragile idea becoming a real organisation.

Pro-active: When an obstacle arises we create the solution, when someone asks for something we have already done it the day before. Being an entrepreneur or part of an entrepreneurial team is all about taking a pro-active stance in one’s life by creating solutions to problems.

Authentic: Being authentic to oneself and to others is the core of any trusted relationship. Understanding and then revealing the true person that someone is leaves no room for misinterpretation or deceit. Being authentic is a synonym of being happy with how one is and not being afraid of revealing it to the world – only by being authentic one can be a real leader.

Team-Player: To do anything at Foundum and in any other startup one must be a team player. Being a team player means so much and has so many other values attached to it, such as being respectful, caring and reliable. Together we achieve more in less time with much more fun!