Start an Ecosystem

For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurial startups thrive specifically in ecosystems that provide the necessary support.

Within an ecosystem, startups and other service providers can interact and mutually benefit from each other’s knowledge and connections. In a physical entrepreneurial ecosystem (e.g. Silicon Valley), entrepreneurs have immediate access to advisors, funding providers, supporting service providers for different business areas, as well as a network of clients and organisations with whom they are in frequent contact.

Foundum makes these local, national or even the global ecosystems better visible for every entrepreneur and entrepreneurial stakeholder focused on innovative high-growth startups by creating an easy accessible and structured online solution.

Everywhere in this world where there are enough entrepreneurial stakeholders being interested in a Foundum ecosystem can be opened. In order to create the most value for the entrepreneurs and their stakeholders there are some minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled – for example: Who will be the ambassador? Which local role model entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organisations are interested in fostering innovative high-growth entrepreneurship in their city or region?

If you would like to open an ecosystem please send us an email to We will contact you about further details. We look forward to hearing from you!