What is Foundum?

Foundum is an online platform matching innovative high-growth entrepreneurs to private investors, advisors and service & funding providers in order to create thriving and successful entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Foundum supports entrepreneurs and their startups from seed to exit, enabling them to connect with stakeholders that can drive their growth and success at each stage of their business’s life cycle.

Foundum works locally, nationally and globally, making it effortless for entrepreneurs to find and connect with people and businesses in their local communities who are ready to support them, as well as establishing broader ecosystems around industry, technology and other areas of market focus. For the first time the entrepreneurial ecosystem is displayed online enabling all different entrepreneurial players to present themselves and find each other.

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Local, National and Global Ecosystems

Foundum ecosystems are geographic communities where all entrepreneurial stakeholders can meet, interact and benefit from each other. Ecosystems are regional clusters of activity that share the same regulations, culture and market.

Ecosystems are inspiring environments allowing entrepreneurial players sharing the same regulations, culture and market to support each other: ultimately they are key to help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into viable businesses.

Foundum launched in Spain with the first ecosystem in Barcelona. Many more ecosystems will be opened soon.

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Matchmaking - Finding the right People

Foundum will match needs and leads from all the players in the ecosystem. Using the detailed information each member includes in their personal and company profiles, Foundum will automatically match entrepreneurs and startups with the investors, advisors and service providers within their ecosystem that are best positioned to support their venture. Similarly, Foundum helps investors, advisors and service & funding providers identify the opportunities that best align with their criteria, capabilities and expertise.

For example: if you are an internet entrepreneur based in Barcelona and are looking to increase your capital, Foundum will automatically recommend potential investors looking for promising internet startups based in Barcelona.

All members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem can promote their services and list their needs in the community. Foundum will ensure the best matches are identified in each case fostering collaboration and growth.

Events and Resources


Find the most interesting entrepreneurial meetings, conferences and forums to ensure greater networking.


Read, browse and use the resources that we have gathered for you.

What can Foundum do for you?

For Entrepreneurs

Create a profile for yourself and your startup to connect to investors, advisors and service providers. Explore entrepreneurial events and access different ecosystems.

For Investors

Showcase your investments and filter quality deal flow of innovative high-growth startups. Browse through international ecosystems to invest abroad and be present in your entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For Advisors

Showcase your advisory criteria and activities in order to attract the most interesting entrepreneurs and startups. Present your expertise in your profile and let entrepreneurs find you.

For Service & Funding Providers

Showcase your offerings and pinpoint your location to attract new new clients. Directly connect with entrepreneurial players that interest you and receive reviews from past.

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